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Drawing underpins all my work. It was my first love and still excites me as much as it always has, pencil, pen and ink, mono printing. But of course there is the joy of other, painterly, materials, of luxuriating in buttery oil paint or silky soft pastel, experimenting with new materials, liquid charcoal has just arrived and is fascinating, nothing like anything else.

And as for subject matter, the only thing that often doesn't really stir much of response, is beauty. It seems to be sufficient of itself, no intervention needed. Sounds odd, but, generally give me a subject that is misshapen, a bit ugly or weird. I try to keep some sort of control over this impulse.

But generally in my work, what I want to achieve is a feel of “becoming”, of the work being still potentially in a state of change. Using different means of making marks, mixing mediums and allowing conscious choices to be tempered by judiciously manipulated accidents helps, when it is successful, to keep the work alive and energetic.


My Studio 

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